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A pologies for my tardiness on the blogging front. I’ve been a tad busy on other related projects (more info to follow later), including, excitingly, blogging for the wonderful Time to Change campaign.

Lately, I’ve been so impressed by the work of Time to Change and the way they’ve grabbed mental health issues by the scruff of the neck and thrust them into the public eye. So when they asked me to do a blog entry, I felt hugely honoured.

The blog entry is about friendship and mental health – something I’ve previously written about here on mentalhealthwise, and something I’ll probably return to again because it’s so important. And, judging by the responses to the Time to Change blog, it’s an issue people continue to have problems with.

One lady, Caroleann, describes how a friend was ‘completely unsympathetic’ to her illness and ‘not only walked out of my life after witnessing a massive anxiety attack, but described my suffering as a ‘hilarious display of madness’ to others.’

She adds: ‘It hurt, but it happened at a point where I could see that it was a problem in her and not a reflection of me.’

However, one other lady, Jo, talks about two incredible friends of the kind I’ve been lucky enough encounter myself. ‘[They] asked after me, took me out + supported me at my 1st social gathering,’ she says. ‘I was deeply touched and humbled. They supported me when others turned their backs. My respect for them runs deeply.’

Sad and heartening, in equal measure, these comments show why it continues to be important to talk about mental health issues.

Bored with my voice yet? I offer up a weak apology, followed by an assertion that I’ve only just started.

Thanks, Time to Change, for giving me a vehicle to talk and for enabling people to understand that this stuff truly matters.

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