Martha has contacted me a number of times for her blog articles and Psychologies reviews. She has always been delightful to work with. As a medical professional I feel very safe in being interviewed by her as her work is of an exceptionally high quality and technical accuracy. We share some central interests, in particular mood disorders, which in themselves can be difficult to understand and in turn explain clearly. She asks pertinent questions on the topics she researches and explores the complexity of these psychiatric disorders without dumbing them down when writing. Her own personal experience of bipolar disorder plays an important place in the work she produces but does not dominate nor does she use it inappropriately, a balance which is hard to achieve.

Dr Nick Stafford, Consultant Psychiatrist & former vice-chair of Bipolar UK

I have worked with Martha on a number of projects, and every time has been an absolute pleasure. Martha is a very professional writer who cares deeply about the field of mental health, and her work reflects this. Her research is thorough, and is focused on creating fresh, valuable insights for the reader. In what can be quite a technical and jargon-laden area, Martha’swork brings clarity, knowledge and power to patients, carers and members of the public; a vital resource in an information-overloaded world.

Dr Ian Dreaver, Consultant Psychiatrist at the Priory Hospital Woking, www.dreverassociates.com